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Stuff my mom says #3

We have a globe that sits on top of a shelf, with a plant sitting a foot or so below it. My mom decided to comment on these after waking up from one of her naps (again).

Mom: Why is the world so big?

Me: Um, I’m kind of done with TOK..

Mom: Look, there’s like, green things coming out of the globe.

Me: .. that’s a plant.

A rock and a hard place

What’s worse?

(A) Lying in bed, incapacitated by the flu, with your whole body aching everywhere and feeling like you have a mini mouse band playing a rock concert in your head; or,

(B) Sitting at your desk with a blank screen in front of you, knowing you have the ability to work, but are unable to, as evidenced by the mountain of tissues beside you generated from sneezing EVERY THREE SECONDS.

Either way, TOK is not getting done.

EDIT: Just for you, you naughty girl: origin of the title