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It’s like a web goodie advent calendar.

As I am being a good little girl and working on my dreadful TOK essay, my post today will be brief. A lot of my time online is spent gobbling up content from various aggregators, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, and a variety of forums (CDC, HowardForums, MacThemes, and so on). As such, I come across a lot of content worth sharing. Today I have three things: a suggestion to help you with your holiday shopping, a FREE iPhone app offer, and a festive wallpaper for Canucks fans (sort of).

#1. “10 Unique Gifts You Can Make with Help from the Web“, a post on Mashable

Today Mashable tweeted a post containing this interesting list of tangible gifts you can make using websites/web services. The list ranges from the rather mundane (“Print a Family Photo Book”) to just plain awesome (“Make Your Own Lego Set”). The central theme of the list is “personalization” – apparently websites exist to customize your own cereal boxes, cookbooks, M&Ms, and Jelly Belly bags! I will definitely be doing #4, “Create a Cookbook”, which sounds rather blasé but I know it will mean a lot to the person I am gifting it to. Not to mention I can give really good hints about what to cook 😛

#2. Ramp Champ is FREE on the iTunes store! (Limited time offer, of course)

I’m both a fan of beautiful (graphic) design and iPhone applications. This deal combines both in an award-winning formula to make “Ramp Champ”: a challenging yet addicting iPhone game that features beautiful graphics and a twist on the classic Skeeball/pinball games. The game has is very popular and has gotten mostly rave reviews, as far as I can tell: I would be lying if I said I knew it was a great game because I actually haven’t played it myself yet (*ahem* I’ve yet to replace my drowned iPod Touch…). Nonetheless, just based on the reviews and the AWESOME interface, I wouldn’t miss out on this deal: GET RAMP CHAMP FREEEEE. No illegal Installous- or Appulous-ing required.



Just look at the pixel work!!!

#3. Pfizer’s December Canucks Wallpaper

Now even for those non-Canucks fans out there, you can appreciate the work that went into creating this wallpaper. I can tell you that it was made completely from scratch in Photoshop by a talented graphic artist known as Pfizer. He is a member on the Canucks.Com Forum (“CDC”), a forum I frequent, and a few years back he created this gorgeous holiday wallpaper (featuring the Canucks’ game/TV schedule):

A Seasonal Canucks-Themed December Wallpaper

Clicking on the above picture will take you to the full-sized version, so that you can see all the details (and there are lots of them!). Unfortunately as it was created a couple years ago, the original had an outdated schedule/calendar. As you can see in the preview I’ve edited in the new schedule for my own use, but I don’t necessarily have permission to redistribute it, hence the “preview” label overtop. Instead, I can link you to the thread on the CDC where I’ve posted an UNedited version my edited version: click here to go to the post. I’m hoping to get his blessing to release my edit.

…Okay, maybe I lied about the ‘brief post’ part. Oh well – back to TOK. *sigh*

EDIT: Because it was just too awesome to ignore: The epic SNL short/Lonely Island/T-Pain song “I’m On a Boat” has been nominated for a GRAMMY (click the link to see the whole list of nominees – they are listed under “Best Rap/Sung Collaboration”). A grammy, people. This is classic.

Just in case you needed a reminder of its awesomeness (NSFW, but of course you know that by now..):