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Every day we move closer to the magical May end date, means one less day before you and I have to say goodbye. 😦

Wishful thinking…

disclaimer: don’t read this entry if you don’t know me that well or you don’t like sadness. i promise i’ll be better in a few days.

…never really got anyone anywhere.

no matter how hard i squeeze my eyes shut and try to wish away my math portfolio, it still sits ominously in front of me, all 10 pages of scrawlwork, 15 pages of notes, tattered (unhelpful) textbook, and my trusty, evil, brilliant, pain-inducing graphing calculator, hooked up to my laptop like it’s a sick patient in a hospital constantly being monitored for its vitals. except that i feel like i’m the patient, and every R wave on my ECG is decreasing in strength as the life and happiness is sucked out of me by math portfolio…

oh, and i might not be able to make it snow outside (snow more, dammit!), but i can make it snow on my blog.